Where did 2016 go?

It is already mid-April of 2017.  Wow, where did the time go?  2016 went by in a blink and yet so much happened.  I started teaching watercolor classes at the Huntington Beach Art Center, tore a tendon off my painting shoulder, had two new grand children, and attended three workshops including a workshop in North Carolina from the best of the best Mr. Frank Webb.  It was all amazing.

I started teaching at the HB Art Center again in March.  I am grateful to my students because they are interested, involved, and willing to try new things.  Some of our city’s best artists are in this class.  I am honored and having a blast because of them.  You are an inspiration.

In May I will attend the Henry Fukahara Memorial Workshop.  It is my most spiritual workshop, hands down.  The internment camp “Manzanar” is located near Lonepine, CA, where the workshop is held each year.  For Henry, a Japanese American, this was a spiritual spot as it is for many of our Japanese Americans citizens.  Their energy remains at this site.  I am moved each time I am there.  I think this is the 20th year for this workshop. How lucky to be able to paint here each year.

In September I will be teaching a 4 week class at the HB Art Center.  The focus will be lessons that I learned from 4 of my most influential teachers.  I can never copy their style but I can try and get their story out there.  They all deserve that.

In October, I will be attending and teaching one day at the 2nd Annual Chris Van Winkle Memorial Workshop in Morro Bay, CA.  Chris passed away in January, 2016.  I took Chris’ workshop 4-5 years in a row.  I learned so many lessons from him.  How to use complimentary colors, graying edges, calligraphic strokes and how to use washes.  Chris was a master watercolor painter and a master teacher.  He could be stern and serious at times but was a crackup and a ham whenever possible.  I thought he was fun.  I am so sorry he is gone but honored to have been asked to teach a day at this workshop.  His wife Carolyn and son Gary are gracious with their time and continued interest in watercolor.  He would have been proud of them.

Also, in the second week in October, I will be teaching 6 days in Yosemite National Park.  All are welcome, but space is limited.  Each day you walk to a nearby site and paint while sitting in the best park ever.  Every way you turn you see majestic views.  You learn some basic watercolor techniques and then you get started.  You are encouraged to be aware of your environment, the sites, sounds, smells, activity, to be in the moment.  All of these things translate to your painting and your experience.  It is so much fun.  I am volunteering my time for the Yosemite Conservancy.  Their art program is one of the best deals in the park.  If you are interested you can pre-register online.  Look at the Yosemite website for info. about the class and the supplies you will need.  I look forward to meeting you.

Thank you for looking at my website.  Thank you for your support of me and your support of the arts.


In Tribute:  My wonderful and honorable mentor, Mr Tom Fong, passed away this year.  I still feel that loss.  He gave me more tips than anyone, on things that mattered.  He related them to watercolor but somehow they also related to life.  He didn’t even know how much he did for me.  I will always be thankful for him.  Tom Fong -“No Rules”.