Nancy’s Watercolors

When I was four years old I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. My answer was, “I want to be a painter”. As a child I drew and painted constantly. After high school, my dream was interrupted by college, a family and a career. I never fretted because I knew that it was my destiny to become a painter.

In the Fall of 2008 my life’s dream began again. Upon retiring as a Landscape Architect, I decided to return to college to take watercolor classes and the obsessive passion for watercolor painting began. This passion is currently growing at an exponential rate.

My subjects are varied. I paint portraits, landscapes, flowers, abstract, birds and dogs. I follow the whims of my inspiration and the subject matter emerges. Birds and flowers are great because they lend themselves to creative whims and vivid hues.

I like using quinacridone paints because of their bright pigments and transparent qualities. The way that watercolor paints mingle on the paper is exciting to me and I enjoy finding solutions to the challenges that this medium brings.

I have been taught that paintings which are representational are about the subject matter and paintings that are abstract are about the medium on the surface of the paper. I find that I am a true mix of these two genres. I love how the paint moves and the affects you can get on the paper’s surface. I apply that to representational paintings achieving a result in which the subject matter’s energy dances on the paper’s surface. It always amazes me.

I try to paint daily and I am still learning from some of the best teachers in my discipline. I am experimenting with combining watercolor with various media and painting with more spontaneity. I find that experimentation expands my creative spirit, plus it is fun. At the end of the day though, transparent watercolor remains my passion.

Watercolor West 2012 (International show) is the first major show to which I submitted work. My work was juried in on my first attempt. 10 paintings have been juried into the Orange County Fair in the past four years and several have received recognition. I have received First Place through Honorable Mention at Huntington Beach Art League shows over the past 5 years. My work also won first place in a contest where two of my paintings were published in a 2013 calendar. One was on the cover and was “January”. The other was printed onto the front of the mailing envelope which held the calendar.

I am just embarking on fulfilling a life’s dream.

Thank you everyone for your interest in me and your support of the arts.

Thank you for visiting my painting photo gallery.