Sierra Exif JPEG

“Abyssal Dreams” watercolor – 15×22

Apples of Color 1100-33-HLF 1500px

“Apples of Color” watercolor – 22×15

Cabin in Big Sur, CA - Plein Aire  1100-35-HLF 1500px

“Cabin in Big Sur, CA – Plein Aire” watercolor – 15×22

Chrystal Cove, CA - Plein Aire 1100-34-HLF

“Chrystal Cove, CA – Plein Aire ” watercolor – 15×22

Fishing in the Harbor, San Pedro, CA - Plein Aire  1100-33-HLF 1500px

“Fishing in the Harbor, San Pedro, CA – Plein Aire watercolor, 15×22

Flowers in a Mason Jar  2100-28-HLF 1500px

“Flowers in a Mason Jar ” watercolor – 22×15

Friendship  1100-13-HLF(L) 1200px

“Friendship” watercolor – 22×15

Hatteras, Outer Banks  1100-15-HLF 1200px

“Hatteras, Outer Banks” watercolor 15×22

Huntington Beach Condos - Plein Aire  1100-31-QTR(L)  1500px

“Huntington Beach Condos – Plein Aire ” watercolor and India ink – 10×15

I See You  1100-14-QTR 1200ox

“I See You ” watercolor – 11×15

Irises and Sunflowers  1100-05(2)-HLF

“Irises and Sunflowers” watercolor – 22×15

Ivy Happy Dog  1100-16-SQ  1500px

“Ivy Happy Dog” watercolor – 22×22

Jeweled Butterfly   1100-07-HLF 1200px

“Jeweled Butterfly” watercolor – 15×22

Just Beachy  1100-28-HLF  1500px

“Just Beachy” watercolor – 22×15

Queen of Caragh (grn)  1100-27-HLF  1500px

“Queen of Caragh, Ire., Green” watercolor – 15×22

Queen of Caragh, Ire Yellow  1100-29-HLF  1500px

“Queen of Caragh, Ire Yellow” watercolor – 15×22

   Queen of Caragh, Ire. (loose) 1100-09-HLF  1200px

“Queen of Caragh, Ire. (loose)” watercolor – 15×22

Queen of Caragh, Ire. Ochre 1100-30-HLF  1500px

“Queen of Caragh, Ire. Ocher ” watercolor – 15×22

Queen of Cargah, Ire.  (gray)  1100-11-HLF  1500px

“Queen of Cargah, Ire. (gray) Private Collection

Rita's Neighbors    1100-05-FUL  1200px

“Rita’s Neighbors” watercolor – 22×30

Speckle Vase 1100-23-QTR  1500px

“Speckle Vase” watercolor and India ink – 22×15

The Offering   1100-01-FUL-SQ

“The Offering” watercolor – 22×22

The Offering 2 1100-12-HLF  1500px

“The Offering 2” Private Collection

The Procession   1100-04-FUL

“The Procession” Artist’s Collection

The Sentry    1100-02-HLF

“The Sentry” Artist’s Collection

The Visitor, Las Trampas, NM  1100-06-HLF  1500px

“The Visitor, Las Trampas, NM Artist’s Collection

Three Crabs  1100-26-HLF  1500x

“Three Crabs” watercolor and India ink – 22×15

Vase   1100-21-QTR   1500px

“Vase” watercolor and India ink 15×11

Vase for Roland  1100-20-QTR  1500px

“Vase for Roland” watercolor – 15×11

Vase with drips  1100-19-QTR 1500px

“Vase with Drips” watercolor – 15×11

View from the Top      1100-08-HLF  1200px

“View from the Top” Artist’s Collection

Wetland Treasures   1100-17-HLF  1200px

“Wetland Treasures” watercolor and India ink – 15×22