A Day with Mary, Lake Sakakawea   3100-13-QTR 1500px

“A Day with Mary, Lake Sakakawea” watercolor – 11×15

Autumn Glen  3100-11-FUL 1500px

“Autumn Glen” watercolor – 22×30

Autumn Trees  3100-24-HLF 1500px

“Autumn Trees” watercolor – 15×22

Barb  (Nadine Phelps)  3100-46-QTR 1500px

“Barb” watercolor – 15×11

Barns of Hope, Idaho 1 3100-47-HLF 1500px

“Barns of Hope, Idaho 1” watercolor – 15×22

Becci's Bench      3100-07-HLF 1500px

“Becci’s Bench” watercolor – 15×22 Private Collection

Carole Lucie  3100-11-HLF 1500px

“Carole Lucie” watercolor – 22×15

Central Park, Huntington Beach - Plein Aire 3100-48-HLF 1500px

“Central Park, Huntington Beach – Plein Aire” watercolor – 15×22

Claire's Smile  3100-03-QTR 1500px

“Claire’s Smile” watercolor 11×15 Private Collection

Daddy and Me 3100-42-HLF 1500px

“Daddy and Me” watercolor – 22×15

Dragon Trio3100-41-HLF(L) 1500px

“Dragon Trio” watercolor – 22×11 Private Collection

Drift Wood 3100-23-FUL 1500px

“Drift Wood” watercolor – 22×30

The Eagle of Hope  3100-08-HLF

“The Eagle of Hope” watercolor – 15×22 Private Collection

Harvest Time in New Mexico  3100-50-FUL  150px

“Harvest Time in New Mexico” watercolor – 30-22

Here's Looking at You Kid   3100-10-HLF 1500px

“Here’s Looking at You Kid” watercolor – 15×22

High Lights  3100-05-FUL 1500px

“High Lights” watercolor – 22×30

Hill City  3100-40-FUL  1500px

“Hill City” watercolor – 30×22

Joyful Posies  3100-39-HLF  1500px

“Joyful Posies” watercolor – 15×22

Lazy Boy  3100-51-FUL  1500px

“Lazy Boy” watercolor – 30×22

Let Sleeping Hogs Lie  3100-09-FUL  1500px

“Let Sleeping Hogs Lie” watercolor – 22×30

Los Oso  3100-21-QTR 1500px

“Los Oso” watercolor – 11×15 Private Collection

Manzanar, Children in a Vast Landscape   3100-15-FUL 1500px

“Manzanar, Children in a Vast Landscape” watercolor – 22×30

Manzanar, Leave Pets Behind     3100-16-FUL  1500px

“Manzanar, Leave Pets Behind” watercolor – 22×30

Metropolis 3100-06-FUL  1500px

“Metropolis” acrylic and gouache – 22×30

Monday Mornings  3100-13-FUL  1500px

“Monday Mornings” mixed

Monument Valley (1)   3100-25-HLF  1500px

“Monument Valley (1)” watercolor – 15×22

Monument Valley (2)   3100-26-HLF  1500px

“Monument Valley (2)” watercolor – 15×22

Morro Rock  3100-19-HLF  1500px

“Morro Rock” watercolor – 11×15

Old Silo, Idaho  3100-27-FUL  1500px

“Old Silo, Idaho” watercolor – 22×30

Peaceful Water  3100-04-FUL  1500px

“Peaceful Water” watercolor – 22×30

Pelican and Kelp 2  3100-38-FUL 1500px

“Pelican and Kelp 2” watercolor – 30×22 Private Collection

Peonies  3100-36-FUL  1500px

“Peonies” watercolor – 30×22

Perry the Dog -1  3100-15-QTR  1500px

“Perry the Dog” watercolor – 15×11 Private Collection

Petroglyph Wall  3100-52-FUL  1500px

“Petroglyph Wall” watercolor and watercolor pencil – 22×30

Red Flowers   3100-29-HLF  1500px

“Red Flowers” watercolor – 15×22

Reflections  3100-22-FUL  1500px

“Reflections” watercolor – 22×30

Retro Glass   3100-54-FUL 1500px

“Retro Glass” watercolor – 22×30

Rocky Shore    3100-28-HLF  1500px

“Rocky Shore” watercolor – 15×22

San Luis Obispo County   3100-21-HLF(strip)  1500px

“San Luis Obispo County” watercolor – 5×15

Seahorse Melodies  3100-01-HLF  1500px

“Seahorse Melodies” watercolor – 22×15 Private Collection

South County 3100-20-HLF  1500px

“South County” watercolor – 15×22

Spainhower Ranch plein aire     3100-18-FUL  1500px

“Spainhower Ranch – plein aire” watercolor – 22×30

Spilled Milk  3100-34-FUL  1500px

“Spilled Milk” watercolor and gouache – 22×30

Steve's Cabin, Lake Sakakawea, ND  3100-14-QTR  1500

“Steve’s Cabin, Lake Sakakawea, ND” watercolor – 11×15 Private Collection

Stormy Sea 3100-30-HLF  1500px

“Stormy Sea” watercolor – 15×22

The Road Less Traveled  3100-33-HLF(L)  1500px

“The Road Less Traveled” watercolor

The Tube  1300-32-FUL  1500px

“The Tube” watercolor and India ink – 22×30

Whitney Falls, plein air        3100-28-FUL  1500px

“Whitney Falls, plein air” watercolor – 30×22