Stereotyped  2100-04-FUL(SQ)  1200px

“Stereotyped” watercolor – 20×20

Salmon Surprise   2100-03-FUL  1200px

“Salmon Surprise” mixed media – 22×30

Puffins on Parade  2100-16-HLF  1500px

“Puffins on Parade” Artist’s Collection

Out of Luck  21-12-QTR 1500px

“Out of Luck” watercolor 11×15

On the Boat   2100-19-QTR  1200px

“On the Boat” Artist’s Collection

Not Butts  2100-18-HLF  1500px

“No Butts” mixed media – 16×20

Masked  2100-18-HLF

“Masked” watercolor – 22×15

Mac  2100-06-QTR  1200px

“Mac” Private Collection

Little Miss  2100-02-QTR  1500px

“Little Miss” Artist’s Collection

Juicing Lemons 2100-26-HLF 1500px

“Juicing Lemons” watercolor and ink – 15×22

Irish Cottage  2100-27-HLF  1500px

“Irish Cottage” watercolor – 15×22

Frosty Flirtations  2100-05-HLF 1500px

“Frosty Flirtations” Private Collection

Forelorn  2100-17-QTR 1200px

“Forelorn” watercolor – 15×11

Evening Conversation  2100-29-HLF 1500px

“Evening Conversation” watercolor 22×15

Egret in Pink  2100-01-HLF 1200px

“Egret in Pink” Artist’s Collection

Derek   2100-25-QTR 1500px

“Derek” Artist’s Collection

Chelsea   2100-07-QTR 1200px

“Chelsea” Private Collection

Carole and Derek  2100-15-HLF 1200px

“Carole and Derek” Artist’s Collection

Brother Helping Brother 2  2100-31-FUL  1500px

“Brother Helping Brother 2” watercolor – 22×30

Brother Helping Brother 1 2100-21-FUL 1500px

“Brother Helping Brother 1” watercolor – 22×30

Beggar Man  2100-11-QTR 1200px

“Beggar Man” watercolor – 15×11

Beetlenut  2100-13-QTR 1500

“Beetlenut” Artist’s Collection

Ala Sunflowers     2100-22-HLF 1500px

“Ala Sunflowers” watercolor – 22×15

After the Party  2100-10-HLF 1500px

“After the Party” Private Collection