Abundant Sea   1000-05-HLF

“Abundant Sea” watercolor, India ink, collage – 22×15

After the Storm  1000-07-HLF

“After the Storm” watercolor – 15×22 Artist’s Collection

Americana  1000-20-FUL 1500px

“Americana” collage – 22×30

Aspen Grove    1000-21-HLF 1500px

“Aspen Grove” watercolor – 15×22

Balboa plein aire   1000-17-QTR 1500px

“Balboa plein aire” watercolor – 11×15

Chair in the Garden - Plein Aire 1000-25-QTR 1500px

“Chair in the Garden – plein aire” watercolor – 11×15

Colorful Pots plein air 1000-14-QTR 1200px

“Colorful Pots plein air” watercolor – 11×15

Eye on the Prize  1000-13-HLF 1500px

“Eye on the Prize”

Fiesta Bowls  1000-16-HLF 1500px

“Fiesta Bowls” watercolor – 15×22

Flying Dragons  1000-06-HLFL

“Flying Dragons” watercolor

Huntington Beach Treasures  1000-10-QTR

“Huntington Beach Treasures” watercolor – 15×11

I Didn't Do It         1000-02-HLF  1200px

“I Didn’t Do It” watercolor – 15×22 Artist’s Collection

Look Out! 1000-22-HLF  1500px

“Look Out!” watercolor – 22×15

Retro  1000-23-HLF  1500px

“Retro” watercolor – 22×15

Rhythmic Embrace  1000-15-HLF 1500px

“Rhythmic Embrace” watercolor – 22×15

Rough Seas  1000-27-QTR  1500px

“Rough Seas” watercolor, gouache and colored inks – 11×15

Textures in an Oak Forest   1000-04-QTR

“Textures in an Oak Forest” watercolor, India ink and collage – 22×10

The Hat    1000-18-HLF  1200px

“The Hat” watercolor – 22×15

Sticking Around   1000-09-QTR  1200px

“Sticking Around” watercolor – 15×11 Private Collection

The Troubadour   1000-09-HLF  1200px

“The Troubadour” watercolor – 22×15 Private Collection

Timm's Pelican     1000-01-HLF  1200px

“Timm’s Pelican” watercolor – 22×15 Private Collection

Walter and Two and a Half   1000-08-HLF

“Walter and Two and a Half” watercolor – 22×15 Private Collection

Whatta-Lotta-Joy    1000-03-HLF

“Whatta-Lotta-Joy” watercolor and watercolor crayons – 15×22