An Artist’s Visions

Every now and then I get a burst of creativity that I don’t expect and it usually starts with a doodle. I doodle all the time, I have ever since I was a child.  Doodling is fun for me, it is like entering a world of make believe.  Many inspired paintings have come from doodling.

In my paintings, it never matters if one sees all of the sides or angles of a single subject even if that is not what one sees in real life. The perspective may be off and the plants and shapes are simple and stylistic.  There are large simple shapes and at the same time details of what is happening in some small area of the scene.  When I doodle, I imagine I am walking through an area and I draw what I see in my mind’s eye.

Some of my paintings come out of this creative world and are shown in “An Artist’s Vision”. I find it to be a place of familiarity and comfort.  It took me a long time to create a single painting from these inspired doodles.  I thought people would laugh at them.  To my surprise, people really liked them.   I find that very exciting and motivating.

These are paintings that don’t happen too often.  They come at the most unexpected times.  I am always surprised at what happens.

I hope you enjoy my “An Artist’s Vision” paintings along with my entire body of work.  I create paintings in various styles, subjects and mediums.  What comes out of an inspirational moment depends on my mood that day.  I like it.

Thank you so much for visiting my site, I hope you enjoy it.


Watercolor and the Game of Chess

“Watercolor is like the game of Chess.  You make a move and then the watercolor makes a move.  You are always reacting to the move the watercolor makes before you make your next move.  You play until the very end.  Sometime you win and sometimes you lose but you always enjoy the game.” NE Caldwell