Ted’s Dream 22×30
Welcome to the Ant Farm, Huntington Beach 22×30
July 4th Parade 22×30
Huntington Beach Visitor 30×22
A Real Tale Twister 30×22
Dancing Trees 22×15
Derek and Lou, Yosemite Falls 15×11
Feeding Frenzy 30×22
Lower Falls, Yosemite 15×11
Saint Emanuel’s Church, Orange, CA 22×30
Sunday and San Miguel’s Mission 22×30
Taking Their Last Bow 30×22
Yosemite Falls 15×11
Pears 2 10×22
Retro Glass 30×22
Rita Let’s Farm, Ireland 15×22
The El Rey 15×22

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Watercolor and the Game of Chess

“Watercolor is like the game of Chess.  You make a move and then the watercolor makes a move.  You are always reacting to the move the watercolor makes before you make your next move.  You play until the very end.  Sometime you win and sometimes you lose but you always enjoy the game.” NE Caldwell

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