Dog 8×10
Lady with Fan 10×8
Cat and Bowl 8×10
Dancer 10×8
Grandma and Granddaughter
A Wealthy Man 10×8
Girl and Bird 10×8
Market Day 10×8
The Potter 8×9
Dappled in Sunlight
Fading Beauties 15×22 San Diego Museum of Art, Artist’s Guild 2021
Family Portrait 30×22
Fruit – Warm 8×10
Spooner Ranch, Montana de Oro 22×15
Ennistymon Falls, Ireland 22×30
Fall Colors in Huntington Beach 22×15
Family Time 15×11
Flowers in a Blue Vase 22×15
Hibiscus 22×8
Hidden in Bramble 30×22
Hummingbird Vase 15×22
Irish Meadow 15×22
Logan 15×11
Lou 11×15
Melody 15×11
Rose 15×11
Joel 11×15
Lou and Melody at the Beach 8×10
Melody at the Beach, 8×8
Love at First Site
Memories of our Fathers
Miwok Mother and Child
Pink and Proud of It 30×22 Best of Show, HB Art League
San Jacinto Sunset 11×15
Shadows in the Sand 15×11 Scape and Scope, HB Art Center
Dancing Trees 22×15 Sasse Museum of Art 2022
Spring Bloom in the Wetlands 11×15
The Baldy Bob Cat 22×15
Irish Cottages, Bunratty, Ireland 22×30
Tiger Tails 15×11
Tiger Tails 22×15
Vase with Hummingbird Handles-1 22×15
Vase with Hummingbird Handles-2 22×15
Western Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly 22×30
A Day at the Aquarium 30×22
Little Miss 15×11
Market Place 15×11
Scarlett Ibis 30×22
Keeping Memories Alive 15×22
Boy Behind Tree 22×8
Jordan’s Talavera Hummingbird (In memory of Jordan) 15×22
Labor Day Fire 11×15
Never Forget 22×8
Sailboats in Alamitos Bay, Long Beach 10×22

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Watercolor and the Game of Chess

“Watercolor is like the game of Chess.  You make a move and then the watercolor makes a move.  You are always reacting to the move the watercolor makes before you make your next move.  You play until the very end.  Sometime you win and sometimes you lose but you always enjoy the game.” NE Caldwell

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