Poison Tree Frog-3 6×6
Birds on a Bench 22×30
Hanging Out 15×11
Apple and Lemons on Terra Cotta 15×22 Mountain Artist’s Guild, Prescott, AZ
Poison Tree Frog 2 6×6
Golden Poison Tree Frog 6×6
Nancy’s Treasures 15×22
The Lighthouse at St Vincent’s Point 15×22
Flowers in a Bucket 22×15
New Orleans after Covid 30×22
Reining Cats and Dogs 22×15
Peace, Contentment and Creative Enlightenment 15×22
Birds on a Bench-2 22×20
Gates 15×22
Pueblo Dawn
New Mexico House 15×11
Rough Life 15×11
A Conversation with Nature 22×30
Star Gazing with Friends 22×30
Rainbow Pueblo-1 15×22
Rainbow Pueblo-2 15×22
Blue Bird in Bryce Canyon 22×15
The Pinnacles 15×22
Spainhower Ranch, Lone Pine 22×30
The Farmer’s Market 15×11
Dancing in the Street 8×22
Friends Meeting on a Rainy Day 11×15
Street Shopping 22×15
Ghost Dancer 22×15
Praying for Miracles 22×15
Ted’s Cymbidiums 22×15
Floral-1 22×15
Floral-2 22×15
Floral-3 15×22
Waiting for Warm Bread 15×22
Land Ho! 15×22
Froo T 11×15
Luke’s 64
Looking in the Mirror 15×11
Theodore National Park 22×30
Christmas Cactus 15×22
New Mexican Pottery 8×22
A Family Affair 12×22 Watercolor West International 2022

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Watercolor and the Game of Chess

“Watercolor is like the game of Chess.  You make a move and then the watercolor makes a move.  You are always reacting to the move the watercolor makes before you make your next move.  You play until the very end.  Sometime you win and sometimes you lose but you always enjoy the game.” NE Caldwell

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